dark blue graphic that shows photos of Clifton West Jr (for VP of Public Affairs), Erika Perez (for NHYD President), Leah Cohen (for VP of Political Affairs), Rebecca McWilliams (for Treasurer), Anthony Harris (for Secretary), and Nicole Klein Knight and Robin Vogt for National Committee members. Text at the top reads "holding the door open for the next generation." Text at the bottom reads NHYD Executive Board Elections, Request your ballot by April 10th bit.ly/NHYDvote

Are you a NH Democrat 40 or under? A small election is coming this Sunday that could have big consequences

Despite a whirlwind year of national and state primaries and general elections, there’s still one election that could fly under the radar: the New Hampshire Young Democrats’ Executive Board elections. Only around 200 young Democrats vote in these elections each year, and they could make a huge difference in the party’s organizing strategy. I’m excited to cast my vote for Erika Perez for NHYD President, Clifton West Jr for VP of Public Affairs, Leah Cohen for VP of Political Affairs, Rebecca McWilliams for Treasurer, Anthony Harris for Secretary, and Nicole Klein-Knight and Robin Vogt for the two national committee representatives. 

This multiracial slate of seven are united under the banner of “holding the door open to the next generation.” They understand New Hampshire is facing an onslaught of dangerous legislation from our Republican-controlled state house, and that the remedy is to actively build relationships with people for whom democratic activism hasn’t been accessible. They’re grassroots organizers who know the people who have worked long hours for minimum wage, not known where their next meal was coming from, and faced homelessness. They’ll create real accessibility for disabled people and Black, Indigenous, and other people of color, listening to people’s needs and criticisms. They’ll organize people who have never been invited to a Young Democrats meeting, knowing that kind of growth is what we’ll need to win. I’ve organized alongside many of them and they have earned my deepest trust.

If you’re between 18-40, a registered New Hampshire Democrat, and ready to elect NHYD leadership who will open the door to the next generation, request your ballot at bit.ly/NHYDvote by Saturday, April 10. You’ll receive a link to a zoom call on April 11th. The zoom call kicks off with speeches at 4 PM, and ballots can be cast anytime between 5:30 and 8 PM.

Wanna hear straight from them? Check out the “Meet the Candidates” livestream hosted by the NH Progressive Coalition Monday night.

Oh, and they’ve been endorsed by some big names in NH Politics, including:

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Andru Volinsky
State Representative Sherry Frost
State Representative Maria Perez 
State Representative Amanda Toll
New Hampshire Young Democrats Executive Board member Nikki Fordey
Former New Hampshire Young Democrats organizing director Molly Biron
Emmett Soldati, former candidate for Executive Council and NHYD Chair
Eric Schlidge, former Emmett Soldati Campaign Manager
Rights and Democracy Movement Politics Director Asma Elhuni
Rights and Democracy Board Member Sebastian Fuentes
Laconia Democrats Chairman Carlos Cardona
Rural Outright Founder and at-large member of Claremont Democrats, Matt Mooshian
Former ACLU-NH Trans Justice organizer and current Rochester City Councilor Palana Belken
Plymouth State College Democrats
The New Hampshire Progressive Coalition

Clifton West, Jr has been individually endorsed by State Senator David Watters. 

Rebecca McWilliams was individually endorsed by Democratic candidate for Senate District 8, Jenn Alford-Teaster. 

Robin Vogt was individually endorsed by Democratic candidate for Rockingham district 14 George Hamblen. 

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